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If your heating unit shuts off unexpectedly:

  1. Be sure the power cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
  2. Check for any obstructions. If you find one, turn the heating unit OFF and unplug it. Wait at least 10 minutes to allow the heating unit to cool completely before removing any obstruction. When done, plug in the heating unit and follow the Operation Instructions.
  3. Push the ‘Reset Button’ located on the top left section of the back of the unit. This button resets the built-in 15 amp circuit breaker. This feature protects the unit from any electrical surges that may occur.

If your heating unit tips over:

  1. Set the unit back in its upright position and check for any damage. If damage is detected unplug unit and contact customer service for further assistance.
  2. The unit automatically shuts off when tipped over. If no damage is detected, push the power button to turn the unit back on.

If your fireplace does not illuminate properly:

  1. The light bulbs may have vibrated loose and need to be tightened.
  2. Refer to figures 2 and 3 on back to check and tighten the light bulbs.

Banging noises coming from lower half of fireplace with possibility of diminished or no flames:

  1. Unplug fireplace from electrical outlet.
  2. Let light bulbs cool for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove front lower cover on front of fireplace below logs. Two screws must be removed.
  4. Flame tube might be visible on left side. Grab left end of flame tube and push upward until shaft of tube is inserted into hole that is located in the center of the bracket.
  5. Replace lower front cover.
  6. Plug fireplace into electrical outlet.
  7. Turn fireplace on.

Please Note: The logs and background have been removed to allow you to see the process. However, when performing the troubleshooting this will be done by feel.