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From the list below, select the part that is being replaced. It will then give you a list of all the parts including the bad part that needs to be replaced with it. If just the bad part shows up, then no additional parts are needed with it.

Please be sure that your model is not an X5a,b,c, or X5C-S. If it is please go back and select the correct model.

Touch Key Pad with Cover Please Note: This is a retro fit and no longer has a IR sensor for your remote control. You must add the Remote sensor below if you want to continue using a remote control.

Remote Sensor Please note: This is only needed if you are using the remote control. This is a retro fit and must be added behind the flame screen.

You may have to cut and splice the wires from the new motor to the existing connections the the main control board. You may also have to make a new hole in the rubber connector on the flame rod to line up with the hole to the new Syncro motor. Length and wire connections may very from picture shown.