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Why Rent the Simplicity Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Get great carpet cleaning results with less effort! Large 4.25 gallon solution tank reduces emptying and refilling downtime. Use this powerful carpet extractor with Simplicity Extractor Detergent for best results.

...It's "simplicity" the best, most cost-effective way to clean carpets.

No other rental brand or popular consumer machine can compare to Simplicity's powerful, 3-step cleaning system with (1) injection, (2) agitation, and (3) extraction–all in that sequence and in a single pass! Our unique barrel brush scrubs and lifts dirt and removes stains from carpet fibers. Other systems–like one in Supermarkets–all require repetitious, back and forth motion and use a rotating forward and back brush that pushes dirt and stains into the carpet, thus stains tend to re-appear.

The Simplicity Carpet Extractor is a true professional grade machine used by professionals. Additionally the Simplicity Brand of Cleaning products are true professional grade as well to insure a "total clean" package. Simplicity Cleaning Products are less expensive than the Rug Doctor Brand and use less as well, saving time and money!

Most people who use the Simplicity Carpet Extractor know they get better results than they would hiring a professional. Numerous customer comments and web testimonials tell of experiences in which customers have their carpets professionally cleaned and are not satisfied with the high cost, the scheduling hassle, the pressure to buy extra services, and the idea of having a stranger in their homes. But when these customers try The Simplicity, time and time again they are amazed at how much dirt the Simplicity extracts from carpets even though they recently had their carpets cleaned by a professional service.

Unlike Rug Doctor, We give you the Hand tools with no extra charge so you can clean the stairs, furniture, and the car!

To Rent the Simplicity.. Give Us a Call At 253-474-9468. For Faster Check out, Fill out the rental form by Clicking Here and we will have one waiting for you!