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How to Repair Your Heat Surge Fireplace
by Vacuums Etc

HeatSurge Repair / Warranty Information:

Consumers repairing units is not recommended by us or Heat Surge. Repairs should be done by a trained technician authorized and trained to work on Heat Surge Units. Consumers may create more of a problem to themselves when installing parts improperly and/or not getting the right parts to really fix the problem(s). Any Repairs done by an un-authorized technician or Consumer will void the warranty and also will be done at their own risk. Let us do the service for you, Vacuums Northwest is an Authorized Sales and Service Center for Heat Surge. We are located at 6401 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma Washington 98409.

This video instruction is intended for the servicing of the Heat Surge fireplace. Authorized trained technicians should only use these instructions and perform the service needed. Risk of burn, electrical shock, and fire, is present when performing service to the insert.

Also some replacement parts have been changed/improved over time and may require other parts to be replaced as the original part(s) will not work with the new part. If you are replacing parts please take a moment and click here to view the Heat Surge Part Replacement Guide or give us a call first to insure you are getting the correct parts needed for your unit as we do not take returns on Heat Surge Parts. Our number is 253-474-9468 We are open 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.