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Vacuums Etc has been doing central vacuum repair for well over 10 years, and that is experience you can count on. And just as important, we are licensed and insured. With many years experience of central vacuum repair, Vacuums Etc is known to be experts in the field of vacuums and central vacuum repair. We promise we will go to great lengths to make sure all of our customers are very satisfied with our service. Vacuum’s Etc carries thousands of parts and supplies both in store as well as online, yes that's right a vacuum store online with thousands of vacuum products and supplies for your vacuum needs.

Vacuums' Etc is a Simplicity Authorized Sales and Service Center and is our first choice when installing a new or replacement unit for our customers. Most units have a lifetime warranty on both the housing and the motor. Many other brands that advertise "lifetime" warranty only warranty the housing and not the motor. Simplicity also makes the best Attachment kit in the industry, made in America and nothing but the best is included. Call us today to see if the Simplicity Central Vacuum unit is right for your home!

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Do you have a Hayden Central Vacuum System? Vacuums Etc is a Authorized Repair Center for Hayden Central Vacuum Systems. Click Here for more information on your Hayden System as well as Warranty and Repair.

A central vacuum system is one modern invention that makes cleaning easier. Especially if you have a large house with a number of rooms, cleaning it with a regular portable vacuum cleaner would be so time consuming and very tiring as well. With all the help that it can give, one might wonder how this kind of system operates and how it makes cleaning a whole house or building easier.

Installing the Central Vacuum Cleaning System

When choosing this type of cleaning system, you will need to consider how much power you will need, whether you would want a bag or canister and whether you would want an air-driven brush or a power brush.

A central unit (which includes the garbage collector container) is installed in the garage, utility room or in the basement. Then, inlet valves are then installed on the walls in different parts of the house. These valves are then linked to the central unit by tubing. The tubing can then be run through the basement or attic.

The inlets will be where the hose or power brush will be plugged in when cleaning. The number of inlets installed will depend on you, depending on your needs and preferences. A professional installer can also assist you in determining how many inlets you will need installed. When installation is finished, the system can then be used by plugging in the power hose or brush into any of the wall inlets, and then pressing the power button which is located on the handle.

For How to Instructions on the installation of Central Vacuum Systems click here

How the Cleaning Works

Cleaning with a central vacuum will not require you to carry a heavy engine and garbage collector from room to room. Instead, what you will be carrying is a lightweight and flexible hose, as well as a brush unit. With this system, all the dirt and small particles that have been removed are sent to a garbage container that is placed at the garage via a tubing that has been embedded into the walls.

With a central vacuum, inlets are placed in walls in different parts of the house, where it is convenient. In this way, instead of plugging and unplugging a portable vacuum cleaner, you will only be transferring the hose to different inlets whenever you proceed to cleaning another part of the house.

System Types

There are two types for this cleaning system, the filtered system and the cyclonic system. The type of system chosen will contribute significantly to the longevity and efficiency of the vacuum unit. A filtered system uses a filter, like a screen, foam, paper or cloth to clean or ‘filter’ the air that was sucked in by the vacuum. In order to maintain efficiency, filters will need to be replaced, periodically or as necessary.

A cyclonic central vacuum system makes use of gravity and a tornado-like, or centrifugal force to separate impurities from air that is sucked in by the vacuum. Dirt is then deposited by the vacuum into the garbage container.

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